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In my last article, I wrote about the 7 Best Books on Personal Finance. That article was written keeping in mind the need for personal finance in today’s world. But then I thought, investing knowledge is as much important. Hence, this article is about Best Investment Books.

You must have heard the notion of Starting investment as early as possible. Start today, time matters, etc. All this is true, but before getting into the game, you need to learn the rules. Nothing teaches you better than a book. Along with the wisdom of the greatest experts, a book also includes precious experiences that you can learn from. From failures to successes, you’ll find everything.

Best First: The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

This book is one of the most popular books on Investing. You may call it the King of the Jungle! First published in 1949, the Intelligent Investor works like magic today also. Even after 60 years, every lesson this back inculcates is like a sharp sword.

The main idea of this investment book revolves around ‘Value Investing.’ Benjamin Graham teaches you how to make money in the stock market without taking huge risks. If you pick up the latest edition, you’ll have comments & footnotes by Jason Zweig. He is a great financial journalist.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing by John C Bogle

Even for me, whenever I hear the common sense in investing world, I go to Index Funds.

 If you don’t know about Index Funds, what they are, and how they work, you need this book. This book by John C Bogle focuses on Index Funds.

You can literally call the index funds as common sense! If you fall in the beginner’s category of investment, this is the best investment book for you. John C Bogle has written two more masterpieces, namely, “Common Sense on Mutual Funds” and “Enough.”

Best for Basics: The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias

This book stays true to its name. Andrew Tobias, while writing this book in the 70s, was working as a writer for the New York Magazine. In this investment book, he teaches us how to build wealth. No matter the means. Yes! He doesn’t care how you choose to make money. His tips and lessons work for pretty much everyone.

If you have never heard about Andrew Tobias, let me tell you that the New York bestsellers “Fire & Ice” & “The Invisible Bankers” is written by him. Therefore, if you are a beginner and are looking for a trusty investment book, this is the one! Grab it now.

Live Richer Challenge by Tiffany Aliche

Tiffany Aliche, as a writer, has gained mass popularity for this book. Live Richer Challenge is primarily for people who are in debt and need to get out of it. Not only getting out of debt, but this investment book also teaches you how to amass wealth.

So, if you have any kind of debt to get rid of and if you want to gain wealth as well, this is the best investment book for you. Moreover, Tiffany has also written “The One Week Budget” which is also a great budgeting guide. You can always trust the writer who’s been featured in shows like “Good Morning America” & “Today”.

Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins

JL Collins loved his daughter. He wanted her to live financially free and therefore decided to curate finance lessons for her. He started out by writing letters for her. The letters comprised of lessons on debt, stock market, investments, and personal finance. Not only these but also specific topics like 401(k), Roth IRA, market terminologies, everything!

But eventually, all these letters were merged and curated into one of the best investment books, Simple Path to Wealth. You can definitely have this book to up your finance game. As it is written by a man for his daughter, who wouldn’t trust?

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

I don’t know why I’m putting this masterpiece at number six! Because I don’t want you to move away after reading this at number one. Anyways, see the title of this article? It states Best Investment Books. This book by Napoleon Hill is it, no questions asked.

This book can be considered half motivational & half financial. It was first published in 1937, and since then, more than 20 million copies have been sold. This book contains of & from some of the greatest finance figures of that time. If you were to choose one of all the books mentioned in this article, I’d recommend this.

Beginner’s Guide to Stock Market by Matthew R Kratter

Whenever we talk about investing, most of us wander through the word Stock Market. Admit it, investing is equal to the stock market for most of us. We know that the potential stock market holds can be found nowhere.

Therefore, if you are a beginner in investing and want to start with the stock market, this is for you. Matthew R Kratter, in this book, has shared genuine lessons on how to make money out of the stock market. From opening a brokerage account to avoiding some of the common mistakes and from investing to making money out of it, this book holds the key to all.

If you read this book and incorporate all the lessons into your investing journey, I’m sure you’d come out saying this is the best investment book I’ve ever read!


Best Investment Books

Henceforth, above mentioned are the seven best investment books in my opinion. If you are a beginner or a mediocre investor, these books will definitely help you out. However, if you have gained some experience in investing and you know the ins & outs of the market, keep playing.

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